Event Calendar 2018

Last updated 03/04/2018

Event calendar for 2018 is out with lots of fun, new event formats and a revised Club Motor Sport Championship (CMSC) for 2018. Some of the dates and event formats are still preliminary, so check event details closer to the event, as dates, times and formats may change as the events are planned.

18/2 Anniversary Supercruise

14/3 General Meeting – Engine Shop

16/3 Barbs Driver Training Night

29/4 Jacks Hill TBC

30/4 AGM @ Subaru HQ – Special guest MOLLY TAYLOR!

27/5 Autumn Supercruise

4/7 General Meeting – Venue TBC

29/7 Jacks Hill

5/9 General Meeting – Venue TBC

16/9 Colin McRae Mermorial Supercruise

28/9 Barbs Night (timed)

20/10 Collie Main Track

21/10 Phils Hill (Collie)

7/11 General Meeting – Venue TBC

23/11 Barbs Night

9/12 EOY Supercruise

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