CAMS Officials

One of the most important functions within the WRX Club of WA is our affiliation with CAMS as this association allows us to run events safety and professionally. Without officials, the fun events we all enjoy simply cannot be run.

Current Officials Qualifications

If you have a CAMS Qualification, it would be great if you could share this information with us. If you can’t participate as an official at our events, that’s ok. There may be other ways you can assist in some small way such as assisting others to improve there skills or gain similar qualifications. Could send a email here, we would appreciate the information.

Training Opportunities

During our series of 4 events advertised as Barbagallo Friday Night DTD / Turning events, current CAMS officials, members looking to increase their skills will have the opportunity to undertake CAMS Accredited Training. CAMS accredited officials will be available to review your skills and sign off on your training at the events. If you are interested in being a General Official, Flag Marshal, Pit Marshal or working your way to being a Bronze Official, Event Command or Scrutineer, these events are the perfect opportunity for you to increase your skills.

By the way, you don’t need to spend the whole event waving a flag on some corner. The more officials at the event the better, as we can rotate officials frequently. You can even drive and do your training on the same night.

CAMS Officials training is free to participate in and the club provides opportunities for you to learn new skills. For more information, visit the CAMS Website here.

Quit Targa West

From 13th – 16th August 2015, Quit Targa West, one of Australia’s premier tarmac rallies will be conducted. WRX Club of WA will be participating at a spectator and official level in this event. For members, this is a great opportunity to get up close to the action. Why stand back and watch the cars from the mob of other spectators when you can get up close and immerse yourself in the action and get to meet competitors, officials and other like minded car enthusiasts. Make sure you CAMS Officials training up to date and we can get you an inside seat close to the action.

Participation does not have to be a major event, you are not going to run the event by yourself. We can provide opportunities to flag marshal or crowd control at a corner on one stage, spend the day or the whole weekend, its up to you. For more information on Targa West, visit Targa West Website here.

How the Training Works

For the General Officials, Flag Marshals, Pit Marshals and alike, Cams has simplified the training. The procedure is as follows,

1. Download the Training Officials Form from the CAMS Website

2. Complete the form and take along to the event.

3. Officials at the event provide the experience and sign off the form.

4. Submit the form to CAMS

5. CAMS will send a link to a online training course. The training is easy to complete and provided you pass, CAMS will sent you your Officials Qualifications Licence.

For the Bronze Officials, Event Command, Club Chief, Bronze Scrutineer, Stewards, its a little more involved. Suitable experience needs to be gained at some events and a training course needs to be completed at CAMS WA offices. The following is the training schedule for 2015,

Saturday 18th April 2015 – Club Chief / Steward

Sunday 19th April 2015 – Event Command

Sunday 21st June 2015 – Silver

Sunday 12th July – Bronze Scrutineering

Sunday 6th September 2015 – Stewards

Sunday 22 November 2015 – TBA – Bronze / General

What To Do Next?

If you are interested in more information about training opportunities and participating as an official at any club events, please contact President by email here.