Join Procedure

Last updated 22/11/2015

To join our club, new members need to complete a three (3) step procedure as follows,

First Step – Membership Application (Join Online)

1. To join WRX Club of Western Australia, you need to complete an online membership application. Simply follow the link here and select the membership level that best fits your disposition.

Metro Membership:               $60 subscription (Standard or Associate)
Regional Membership:            $30 subscription (>75km from Perth GPO)
Family Membership:               $30 subscription (Lives in same house as Metro or Regional Member)

Payment can be made by PayPal (preferred) or EFT (via your bank).

2. After selecting your membership level, you are re-directed to the Membership Checkout Page. Enter a username (eg. john_smith), password, email address.

3. Next, select the payment you would like to use. PayPal (preferred) or EFT can be selected. See the below image as an example.


4. Depending on the payment method selected, the page will update automatically.

5. Please complete your shipping details including your first name and last name, etc.

6. If you selected PayPal, the ‘PayPal Check Out’ button will be at the bottom of the page. Click this link and you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your payment.

7. If you selected Pay by EFT, the ‘Submit and Check Out” button will be at the bottom of the page. Click this link and your page will roll over to your Membership Confirmation page and the first step of your renewal is complete.

8. The page will then update to your Membership Confirmation page and the first step of your application is complete.

9. Your invoice number is displayed and if you wish to print your invoice, select ‘print’ button on right hand side of the page.

Second Step

10. Its very important you keep your personal information (profile) up to date. At the bottom of the Membership Confirmation page, please follow the link to return to your ‘View your Membership Account’. On the Membership Account page, follow the link  ‘CLICK HERE to UPDATE PROFILE INFORMATION’ to update your profile. This is an important step, as we need your correct current shipping address so we can send your membership card to you by post. Please update all the fields.

11. You can now print a Temporary Membership Card. Return to your Membership Account page. Towards the bottom of the page, locate link ‘View and Print Membership Card’.


Third Step

12. Please transfer your membership fees by Paypal (preferred), EFT or Cheque as per the instructions in the Membership Confirmation email which will be sent to you by the website. When using EFT, please make sure you include your name in the text field so we know who made the payment.

13. On confirmation of your payment, the Membership Secretary will post your Membership Card to your address on the profile page.

Any questions, email

Start your On-line application here