Last Updated 04/04/2018

Renewal of Membership

When your membership falls due for renewal, the website will send out several automated renewal notices prior to your date of renewal. When you have received this email, you need to renew your membership by the expiry date to maintain your financial membership of the club.

Members should note, it is a requirement of CAMS for competitors to hold a current financial membership of a CAMS Affiliated Club.

To renew your membership, you need to login to your account.

On the left hand side of the member dashboard, locate the black menu side bar. Listed are several menu items including links to the detailed Renewal Procedure, Renewal and Member Levels Page, Profile and Member Account Page.

Please login and locate the Renewal Procedure for the next steps.

It is the Renewal and Member Levels Page you are looking for to renew your membership.

If you don’t login, you can not access your membership pages where the ‘renew’ link is located. If you have forgotten your password, follow Lost Password link here to reset your password or contact the Webmaster for assistance