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Event Calendar 2019

Hello all 

First of all, welcome to 2019 I hope you all had a good break.

We have finalised the dates for the motorsport calendar now and I would like to share that with you but first….  February 5th is the clubs 21st birthday, we are looking to organise a little gathering to celebrate so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Our Club Motorsport Championship (CMSC) will consist this year of 6 rounds and it is our aim to make this season a little different. We would like to get to round 6 and have a few people fighting for that number 1 spot. To do this we have changed some of the events to allow the people with good car control but who may not necessarily have  the fastest car to have a chance of being up there!

CMSC Points

The CMSC has two components, Subaru owner members and Associate owners o...

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Event Calendar 2018

Last updated 06/05/2018

Event calendar for 2018 is out with lots of fun, new event formats and a revised Club Motor Sport Championship (CMSC) for 2018. Some of the dates and event formats are still preliminary, so check event details closer to the event, as dates, times and formats may change as the events are planned.

29/7/18 Jacks Hill

19/8/18 Autokhana – Midvale SpeedDome

5/9/18 General Meeting – Venue TBC

16/9/18 Colin McRae Mermorial Supercruise

28/9 Barbs Friday Night

20/10/18 Collie Motorplex

21/10/18 Phils Hill (Collie)

7/11/18 General Meeting – Venue TBC

23/11/18 Barbs Friday Night

9/12/18 EOY Function TBC

For all the details, follow this link to Events.

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